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2012 Q500 Final Standings

PlacePilot NamePointsBest TimeBest Finish
1.Roy Andrassy281.11:04.701Season Fast Time
2.Doug Houston187.41:07.201
3.Allan Umbach187.21:09.303
4.Kevin Umbach171.41:07.982
5.Murray Hamula150.81:08.424
6.Kevin Moorehouse137.21:09.825
7.Jack Ellefson133.71:12.093
8.Hank Kauffmann114.61:09.813
9.Terry Truelove109.61:12.256
10.Lyle Baker87.21:12.898
11.Randy Smith78.61:08.234
12.Ted Ellefson74.21:12.778
13.Jeff Martin73.91:12.589
14.Harold Sattler72.21:08.225
15.Rod Kelln66.51:10.716
16.Cecil Graval46.41:10.459
17.Henry Redekop18.31:12.5010
18.Jeremy Voth9.71:13.0011
19.Arnie Kaine1.2NT13
20.Chuck Swaney1.21:17.3916

Top Pilots of 2012 

1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Roy AndrassyDoug HoustonAllan Umbach
Roy Andrassy with Kevin Umbach
Doug Houston with Kevin Umbach
Allan Umbach with Kevin Umbach

Last updated July 30, 2012