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2015 Phoenix QM40 Classic

posted Feb 26, 2015, 6:57 AM by Kevin Umbach
Many CPPRA members participated in the Phoenix QM40 Classic contest in February 2015. It was another great race with fantastic racing with very tough competition. Jim Allen is amazing. He finished the contest with 32 points - a PERFECT score.  He also captured fast time of 0:59.78 and he organized the whole contest. That's a trick !!!! Jim flew an H&M Strega and Nelson power.

Second place was Robert Holik of APC propellers (Landing Products) who beat Brian Richmond in a fly off for 2nd and 3rd. Gino Del Ponte took fourth in a fly off with Ben Jones of the UK.  Ben was unable to get started on the line due to a pinched and cut fuel line. Gino actually cut out in the flyoff presumably because he was trying to beat Jim Allen's fast time.  So placing between Gino and Ben was then decided on fastest time between them.

Our Canadian showing was Harold in 18th position, Henry 25th, Hank 26th, Al 29th, Randy 39th, Kevin Moorehouse 43rd, Roy 48th and Lyle 78th.