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The CPPRA archive contains pictures and video from race events in and around the district.

Edmonton June 24-25, 2017 Pictures by Ken Umbach and Ed Mason
Saskatoon August 25-26, 2017 Pictures by Kevin Bates

Saskatoon August 26-27, 2016 Pictures by Kevin Bates

Calgary July 26-27 2014  Pictures from Hank and Kevin.
Calgary May 24-25 E-F1 & Q500 View Pictures and watch Randy's helmet cam videos: video1 video2


Edmonton June 8-9 Q500 and Q40 racing at Currie Field.
Calgary May 25-26. Electric Formula 1 and AMA424 & AMA426 Quickie 500.

Kevin Moorehouse, Kevin Umbach, and Arnie Kaine battle it out in E-F1 in Calgary. View on YouTube

Racin in the Basin Q40 Supulveda Basin, California. Photos: by Kevin U. and on the NMPRA forum.


Phoenix Classic 2012 (Kevin, Allan, Jeff, Hank, Roy, Doug, Randy, Jim, Delbert, Harold, Jan, Henry, Maxine, Lyle) Some Pictures  Helmut cam and crash videos on YouTube 


Edmonton Sept 10-11 Pictures by Kyle Umbach

Saskatoon August 27-28 Pictures by Bing Fung and Video and Kevin Bates

Calgary July 23-24 Photos by Ken Umbach

Regina July 11-12 by Kevin Umbach

Helmet Cam Videos Shot in HD 720p by Randy Smith

Q40 Regina videos by Doug:


Saskatoon August 28-29 Photos by HCRCC member Kevin Bates.

Edmonton June 26-27 - Q500 & Q40 action photos by Kyle Umbach.
CMPRA Quickie 500 Season Warmup Race (Photos by Ken Umbach)

E-F1 Race Video 1 The first E-F1 race flown in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Murray Hamula - LR-1A Pogo, Chuck Swaney - El Bandito, Arnie Kaine - Miss Outrageous. Flown on 380' three pole pylon course.

E-F1 Race Video 2 Another E-F1 race flown in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Murray Hamula - LR-1A Pogo, Chuck Swaney - El Bandito. Flown on 380' three pole pylon course.

Phoenix Classic 2010 Feb 27-28 videos from Randy Smith:

Randy's Race #3 
Roy's Race
Doug's Race
Roy in Practice
Doug in Practice


Season photo slideshow Part 1 Part 2
Edmonton September 19-20 (photos by Kyle Umbach)
Saskatoon August 22-23 HCRCC photo gallery and KevinU

Calgary July 25-26 (photos)
Calgary July 25-26 (video) Q40 Cecil Graval, Doug Houston, Jeff Martin
Regina June 13-14
Regina June 14, 2009 - Flyoff for 3rd place between Roy Andrassy and Lyle Baker (video)
Regina June 14, 2009 - Cecil Graval and Doug Houston Q500 mid-air
CMPRA Quickie 500 Season Warm Up Race
Phoenix Classic 2009 Feb 21-22 (Randy,Roy,Hank,Doug,Jim,Terrance)


Saskatoon August 23-24
Calgary July 26-27
Regina July 5-6

Prince Albert June 21-22
Swift Current May 31-June 1 


Saskatoon Photos
Saskatoon Video Randy/Jeremy/? (Q40)
Saskatoon Video Henry/Roy/Rod (Q40)
Swift Current
Prince Albert

CPPRA 2007 racing season video slideshow

F3D Murray and Henry practice in Regina (Oct. 2007)



Other Videos

Edmonton Formula 1 Race video (1992)

Q500 Roy laps Terry and Loren in Regina (date?)

Watch a summary of the 2010 season in photos!

CPPRA 2010 from Kevin Umbach on Vimeo.

Interested in Electric pylon racing? Check out this video by Kevin Moorehouse:

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