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CPPRA Judgeman Manual

This manual provides instructions for clubs hosting events using the CPPRA Judgeman System.

System Components

The system contains all the units, batteries,  laptop, and a bag o’ bungies.

What Your Club Needs to Supply


  • 110v power for the laptop. A generator or inverter connected to a large 12v battery are some options if you don't have power the field.
  • Extension cords
  • A cardboard box to provide a sun-shade for the laptop.
  • Duct-tape for attaching things. 


Starting Line

  • A simple A-frame works well to support the large display.
  • In the past the large display has been bungied to a table. However, it may not be very stable.

Pylon 1

  • The turn lights need a mounting point that holds them facing the pilots and doesn’t let them slide down.
  • The brain is in the side-lights unit that has to face the judges. On the top of this unit is an antenna. This antenna has to be clear of any metal to work properly.
  • The sockets into the lights are fairly light duty. Don’t let weight of the wires put too much stress on the connector. Support the wire to reduce these stresses.

Pylon Judges 1, 2, 3 

  • A mount for the blue box. The box should be mounted 4 to 5 feet above ground.
  • Some clubs have been using a 5 ft. steel fence post with a triangle iron welded on the top to form a tee.
  • Duct-tape is very useful for securing the boxes to their supports.

Setting up the Judging Stations

Pylon 1 Judging Station
Install a 5000mAh 5 cell battery pack.

Pylon 2 Judging Station
Install a 3 or 4 cell battery pack.

Pylon 3 Judging Station
Install a 3 or 4 cell battery pack.

Start Line Judging Station
Connect 2 4000mAh 4 cell battery packs in parallel to the control unit.

Lap Counter Judging Station
Install a 3 or 4 cell battery pack.

Laptop Computer
The laptop requires 110v. 
Connect the controller to the laptop via USB. 
Ensure the antenna is positioned as high as possible and has a clear line of sight to all the judging stations. 

During set-up, make all connections first and then power everything up. If there is a connection for antenna, the antenna must be mounted to avoid damaging the internal radio. There is a spare antenna either with the laptop or in the battery box inside the yellow and black toolbox.

On the desktop, launch race program by double-clicking on the "Judgeman" icon.

The mini display can be used to display lap counts and cut lights to the spectators during a heat.
Install the 4000mAh x 4Cell LiPo (hard-shell).


If the system misbehaves, cycle the power. Usually it’s Pylon1 Judges box, sometimes the Starter.


If the laptop isn’t working … check the comms screen and select the correct comm, usually COM6 or COM7.

(The laptop will disconnect from a comm-port when it doesn’t see the computer modem usually from being plugged in a different USB port or from the program being started without the modem attached.)