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Calgary Q500 July 28, 2012

PlacePilot NamePointsBest Time
1.Roy Andrassy98.01:04.70Fast Time
2.Doug Houston91.51:07.89
3.Jack Ellefson85.11:12.09
4.Murray Hamula78.61:08.42
5.Harold Sattler72.21:08.22
6.Terry Truelove65.71:12.69
7.Kevin Moorehouse59.31:10.65
8.Allan Umbach52.81:10.00
9.Cecil Graval46.41:10.45
10.Jeff Martin39.91:12.58
11.Ted Ellefson33.51:12.77
12.Lyle Baker27.01:16.91
13.Kevin Umbach20.61:11.90
14.Rod Kelln14.11:11.22
15.Hank Kauffmann7.71:09.81
16.Chuck Swaney1.21:17.39

Winning Pilots

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Roy Andrassy Doug Houston Jack Ellefson 

Group Photo

  • Sunny and warm with a light wind from the west.
Carnage Report
  • Hank Kauffman and Kevin Umbach mid-air at pylon 1. It was reported they both enjoyed the search for their planes in the shoulder high canola. Both planes were recovered.

Last updated July 28, 2012. Results have been submitted to the NMPRA.